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Technical Concept

High Resolution X-ray Diffraction (HRXRD) is an X-Ray Diffraction analysis system with multiple functions such as powder and low-angle diffractions, crystallinity and crystalline grain size exploration, and concentration of compounds and thin films detection.

Bruker Discover D8 is an X-Ray Diffraction analysis system with multiple functions. In addition to the powder and low-angle diffractions, this system has a triple-crystal analyzer, whose high resolution is proper to explore the crystallinity, crystalline grain size, composition, and concentration of compounds and thin films. Its reciprocal-space-mapping (RSM) function can provide information for the strain of crystal lattice.


In addition, the film thickness, roughness, and electron density on multi-layers sample can be measured by the X-Ray Reflection (XRR) function. The properties of X-ray penetration and reflection limits the maximum detecting depth to 300 nm and roughness to 5 nm.





  1. (Triple Crystal HRXRD) High resolution XRD analysis with triple crystal
  2. (Crystallinity)  Crystallinity analysis
  3. (Grain Size) Grain size analysis
  4. XRR Analysis for single/ multi-layers film thickness
  5. Composition analysis of compound film
  6. Grazing angle diffraction analysis( GID)
  7. (Powder XRD)
  8. Powder X-Ray Diffraction Analysis (XRD)
  9. Crystal lattice parameters analysis
  10. Thin film phase identification
  11. RSM(Reciprocal Space Mapping) Reciprocal space mapping (RSM) analysis
  12. Epitaxy analysis





 Bruker Discover D8






HRXRD spectra of a ITO film whose peak widths are used to estimate grain size.


(a) Thickness and composition analysis for a GaN epixaxial film

(b) RSM analysis of a GaN epitaxial film


(c) HRXRD spectra of a SiGe epitaxial film

(d) XRR analysis for the thickness, density, and roughness of a HfOx film




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