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Workplace Safety Policy and Commitment

Policies and Promises

MA-tek provides our employees with a safe working environment and training and actively works to reduce risk factors in compliance with all the relevant regulations. In addition, to ensure the long-term stability of our operations and our company, we have established a complete and transparent risk communication system.




Structure of the Employee Health and Safety Committee




Promoting Workplace Safety

Personal Protective Equipment

MA-tek provides personal protective equipment to employees in high-risk occupations. We also regularly monitor the working environment. It is our goal to provide our employees with a friendly and comfortable workplace.




Education and Training

We provide health and safety education and training as well as an emergency response system that aligns with occupational safety and health laws.




Hazard Management

Chemical Use Management

Through the effective management of hazardous chemicals, we reduce the risks of harm to our laboratory employees. We also provide the relevant protective equipment, safety information, and emergency response mechanisms, ensuring that employees in MA-Tek labs have a safe and friendly environment in which to work.




Additional Ways to Promote Health in the Workplace

We are establishing a Health Center to provide employees with health consultation services and regular checkups, as well as to provide follow-up care for employees in high-risk groups.