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Social Welfare

Supporting Charitable Activities and Organizations

MA-tek has been a regular participant in the annual Christmas Wish Card program for children in remote regions since 2017. We also enjoy surprising our employees and their families with gifts in answer to their Christmas wishes. Our chairman has always taken the lead on supporting social welfare efforts, gathering together those who are willing to share and give back to society and leading us to encourage disadvantaged children with our warmth and caring. Society has the power to give these children hope that they can have a future where they can love and be loved.


In 2020, we donated a batch of secondhand office furniture to Teach for Taiwan (TfT). In addition, we have held events to support Kenya, Africa, collected for the Used Shoes Project, and supported the Strawberry Charity for children in correctional homes and other charity activities.


2020 X'mas Charity Event

2019 X'mas Charity Event

2018 X'mas Charity Event

2017 X'mas Charity Event

2017 Charity Event




Promoting People with Disabilities

We hire people with visual impairments to provide massage services. In addition to promoting employment for the visually impaired, these services help our employees relieve stress, lifting their spirits and improving work efficiency.



Support Taiwan Agriculture

MA-tek supports Taiwan’s fruit farmers through our actions. We purchase Tainan’s succulent pineapples and Hsinchu’s delicious oranges as gifts for our employees and customers.


Employees are also encouraged to participate in group purchases of small-scale agricultural products. Let the wonderful products of Taiwan’s fruit farmers be recognized by more people.


Pineapple Gift Boxes from Small Tainan Farmers




Support Taiwan Art and Culture

MA-Tek purchases admission tickets to art shows and concerts for employees on occasion. These have included tickets to the theatrical productions of the Mud River University Mystery and Faust as well as folksong concerts and more.


Employees are also encouraged to participate in art and culture groups, shows, and other creative activities. We hope that more people will come to enjoy the wonders of theater, art and music.