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Thermal EMMI

Technical Concept

The principle of THEMOS is to use highly sensitive InSb detector to sense the heat radiation generated from faults.

The compact and easy-to-use THEMOS mini is a novel non-destructive EFA tool used for fault isolation. It holds an impressive advantage of decapsulation unnecessary when inspecting failures via either the frontside or backside of IC devices.


The principle of THEMOS is to use highly sensitive InSb detector to sense the heat radiation generated from faults. Based on the heat distribution, the location of “hot spot” can be identified not only in x-y plane but also in vertical axis with thermal-transport-related calculations. Therefore, THEMOS is a powerful FA tool for stacked die packages. It can be applied to FAs for ICs, packages, PCBs, panels, passive components, etc.





Thermo ELITE

Thermo ELITE





Voltage Range

±3000V (@100mA)

Current Range

3A (@40V)

Lock-in Frequency


Wide-angle Lens  Range





Back probe, Image stitching

 Characteristics of Thermo ELITE








  • The most sensitive heat source detection system in the market
  • Real-time lock-in measurement and high SNR
  • High temperature resolution:<1 mK in a few seconds;<10 uK in a few hours
  • Abnormal resistance detection on via/contact, Bond wire short
  • Dielectric layer leakage /break down
  • Fault isolation for TFT-LCD leakage/Organic EL leakage
  • Abnormal temperature variation detection for devices under development
  • ESD and latch up effect
  • PCB metal trace defects or short
  • Hot spot vertical depth interpretation
  • Static and dynamic analysis


Thermal emission analysis image through IC's backside



(a) IC backside image + thermal emission  (b) Thermal emission 



Thermal emission analysis image through IC’s front side 



(a) IC appearance  (b) X-ray image  (c) Thermal emission image



Thermal emission heat source depth estimation







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