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Message from the Chairman

MA-tek was founded in 2002. Just two years after our inception, our profit and losses broke even. In our fifth year, we became open to investors. We expanded and established laboratories and offices overseas, and we now have 10 bases of operations established around the world. Then, in our seventh year, MA-tek officially went public.


As technology continues to advance, MA-tek too continues to develop, broadening our horizons and honing our expertise in cutting-edge fields such as 5G development, AI, and front-end trends like data center construction. These burgeoning technologies all represent opportunities for MA-tek to show our strength. We continue to invest in advanced analysis equipment to provide our customers with the best support and help them become more competitive in the global market. Where there is a demand for computer chip manufacturing, MA-tek will be there. It is our commitment and our pride.



Precise and Accurate, Efficient and Effective, That is MA-tek’s Policy

MA-tek passed the ISO-9001 certification, the IECQ-17025 Lab Certification, the ISO-27001 Information Security Certification, the TUV NORD Certification for the Vehicle Electronics Verification, the ANSI/ESD S20.20 Electrostatic Prevention Verification and the ISO/IEC-15408 Information Security Certification. We have also passed the on-site audits of our major international customers. The company’s micro measurements are among the few to have been validated by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We provide our customers with accurate analysis data of internationally certified quality.


In order to improve the quality and efficiency of our services, we implemented a self-developed UFAST customer service system this year. Regardless of the submission of cases online, technical consultations and quotations will always get the complete and timely services of the entire technical team and customer service staff. Through the implementation of a new intelligent information system for process standardization and production line automation, we will always have a clear grasp of available staff, the current work order, the status of every machine, and the progress of experiments. We also officially introduced the CRM system in the third quarter of 2020, strengthening our service-oriented business model and optimizing our service process as we strive to become a professional, global strategic partner offering a variety of value-adding services. Our mission is to be the strongest R&D partner our customers can have.


As an impartial, third-party laboratory, MA-tek is a company of integrity which serves as a high-tech analytical instrument center, an essential technical part of the science park, and a medical center for high-end products. We provide customers with precise, accurate, efficient and effective high-quality analysis services. That is MA-tek’s quality control policy, and we take pride in its pursuit.



Our talented employees are MA-tek’s cornerstone, the core of our strength and skill.

We have always been committed to the cultivation of talent. We actively promote cooperation between universities and the industry, and our academic research assistance plan strengthens the connection between theory and practice. We also develop systematic training plans for current employees. Through continuous learning, we enhance our collective competence. We are also dedicated to ensuring a safe working environment. The Safety and Health Committee regularly monitors our operations and environment. We provide protective equipment for high-risk workers and actively work to reduce risk factors. Creating a safe and happy workplace is our responsibility and commitment to our employees.


The company’s corporate governance code of conduct stipulates that the composition of the board of directors should be diverse. Members should have different professional backgrounds, fields of expertise and genders. Members should also have the knowledge necessary for performing their duties, such as necessary skills and literacy, etc.. To achieve the ideal form of corporate governance and reach our goals, members of the board of directors need to possess the ability to make solid operational judgments and have accounting and financial analysis skills, leadership and decision-making skills, risk management skills, knowledge of the industry, and an understanding of the international market. We have also set a clear code of ethics. We expect members to hold to these moral and ethical standards as we strive to maintain honest corporate management.


Moreover, in addition to making regular and irregular donations to charity, MA-tek is an active participant in a variety of activities aimed at the promotion of social welfare, including the wish card program for children from remote regions, secondhand furniture donations, the Used Shoes Collection Project, helping children in correctional homes and other welfare activities. We hope to gather an expansive team of enthusiastic individuals and inspire others with our warmth and generous spirits. Give back to society.


Faced with the growing need for environmental protection, MA-tek is also participating in the waste disposal process. In addition to verifying the relevant supplier licenses and certifications, we are tracking waste disposal flow. Effective management is about more than just complying with government regulations. It’s also about MA-tek’s responsibility to protect our environment.



Our hope is that MA-tek will become an integral part of every science park community. Let us work towards a future where everyone wins

MA-tek is always working to create advantageous, value-adding services for our existing customers as we continue to expand our business in three major fields: China 5G-related applications, electronic fuel cells for Japanese vehicles, and Taiwan’s advanced semiconductor manufacturing, and to develop customers with high growth potential. At the same time, we will continue to focus on both the cultivation of professional talents and technological research and development. MA-tek will also continue to expand its partnerships and market sectors. We will be evaluating the possibility of establishing a new base in North America in the future. By co-establishing laboratories for joint ventures with local partners, we hope to jointly develop the U.S. market. As for the new technology layout, MA-tek is expanding SiC, GaN and other III-V related materials analysis. We have built the greatest surface analysis capacity of any commercial lab in Asia, and we will continue to forge ahead.


As a responsible corporation, we employ all available channels to cultivate talented individuals, give back to society, protect our environment, and establish a sustainable economy. We hope to exert a positive influence with our actions and promote sustainability around the world.