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Brand new nProber system of IV measurement and fault isolation for advanced process!


The most advanced Ultra-high-resolution Nanoprober, nProber IV system, is now at your service in MA-tek Lab!

The nProber IV System is a high-performance platform for the localization of transistor and metallization faults.  It is the most advanced SEM-based nanoprobing system to date and is specifically designed to increase the speed, accuracy, and output of your failure analysis (FA) workflow, where productivity is paramount.


To know more features about the nProber IV system, check the flyer below and reach out right away!



Key Features

  • 3nm FinFET IV Measurement

  • 100eV operation voltage lowers electron dose and increases accuracy.

  • EBIC : Gate oxide breakdown point identification for TEM inspection

  • EBAC : Identify metal interconnect open/short location

  • EBIRCH : detect 10W low impedance

  • 750ps pulsed IV measurement can reveal high resistive gate

  • Thermal Stage  -40~150oC extracts device temperature performance

  • CV measurement can show parasitic capacitance effect.

For more technical concept:〔 Nano Probing 〕