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Liquid-TEM by K-kit


The electron microscope is a vital tool for characterizing composition and morphology at the nanoscale. Most electron microscopy is conducted in a vacuum environment.


Some samples, such as biological tissues or fluids, must receive specific treatment prior to becoming test specimens. Some important characteristics of the sample may be compromised during such treatments. In particular, particle dispersion is only meaningful when the particles are in the relevant media.



With the core concept of ‘simple and convenient’, K-kit solves the problem of analyzing nanoparticles in liquid. Any liquid product containing nanoparticles can be analyzed using K-Kit, which will enhance product development and manufacturing QC, thus profoundly strengthening the product’s competitive advantage.


K-kit is an innovative specimen holder developed by MA-tek for liquid analysis in TEM




Technical Concept


K-kits are sample holders designed to facilitate convenient TEM observation of liquid samples, allowing nanoobjects, aggregates, and agglomerates (NOAAs) in liquid samples to be characterized; with vacuum compatible sealing of liquids in electron-transmitting thickness, K-kits are micro reaction chambers for countless experiments in materials, chemical and biological research.


 Compatible with all kinds of TEM holder



Dried on Cu grid

Dried Mode of K-kit


By the dried mode of K-kit, one can get the images of the nanoparticles that spread uniformly, keeping them to remain in situ after dried; if drying on Cu grid, the particles will be aggregated. (CMP Slurry)





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