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Congratulations! MA-tek has been TIPS Certified!


MA-tek has passed the 2021 TIPS A-level certification along with TSMC, GlobalWafers Co., Ltd., MediaTek, UMC, ASE and many other well-known manufacturers in the industry. The “List of TIPS  Certified Organizations” was officially announced on Thursday, December 30, 2021. MA-tek was the only domestic testing and analysis company to pass TIPS certification.


TIPS, otherwise known as the Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System, is an intellectual property management model that is meant to assist import organizations with the “P-D-C-A Management Cycle” by establishing a management system for linking intellectual property management with operational objectives.


TIPS requires that an organization formulate its intellectual property rights management policies based on the rights management process and set its management goals accordingly. In other words, the organization should carry out the acquisition, protection, maintenance, and utilization of intellectual property and take measures to avoid infringements and protect rights in the process.




MA-tek’s Purpose for Introducing TIPS

Materials Analysis Technology Inc. is a technical service company consisting of electronics, electrical engineering, and materials analysis laboratories. We aim to promote the application of materials analysis to the research and development of various fields, processes and quality control to improve the efficiency of product development in the industry. Over the last few years, we have established and gradually built up our failure analysis and reliability testing laboratories and expanded our service locations to Shanghai in China and Nagoya in Japan. This has taken us one step closer to our goal of providing comprehensive technical services to customers worldwide.


In order to strengthen our leadership position in the analysis and testing industry and maintain our hard-won technological achievements, MA-tek decided to adopt the TIPS management system before the end of 2021. We aim to develop an intellectual property management strategy that combines the company’s operational goals and R&D resources and establish an operation model that creates company value through the management of intellectual property rights. This will not only protect the company’s freedom of operation and motivation to pursue innovation but also enhance the company’s competitive advantages and ability to make profits and achieve operational goals.


Our intellectual wealth management strategy has four main areas of focus: continue to improve the intellectual property management system, build an organization culture centered on innovation and the filing of patents, foster strong customer relationships and sustainable operations, and protect our customers’ confidential information. At the same time, through the use of appropriate evaluation mechanisms and reward systems as well as the implementation of public education and talent training, we will protect the company’s research and development achievements and position as a technology leader.




1.Intellectual Property Management and Protection Measures

Our intellectual property management strategy is meant to continue improving the company’s intellectual management system while building a company culture that focuses on encouraging innovation and patent applications as well as the development of customer relationships, sustainability, the protection of customers’ confidential information and other related topics of interest. At the same time, through the application of appropriate evaluation mechanisms, reward systems, public education and personnel training, etc., we will protect the company’s R&D achievements and leadership position in the technology industry.


(1) Patent and Trademark Management Measures

The company needs to build a solid patent portfolio. Internally, we have an Award Approval System under the “Administrative Measures for Intellectual Property Rights Application Proposals”. It is meant to motivate employees to keep filing patent applications and the necessary trademark applications. At the same time, we will establish a systematic patent and trademark management system in combination with application reviews and patent maintenance evaluations that take into account the quantity and quality of employee patent applications. Externally, we keep close communication and have technical exchanges with both the local and foreign patent authorities and patent and trademark offices where the major markets are located. This will be of great assistance in the patent drafting and examination process and to improving the efficiency of the evaluation process so that we can obtain high quality patent protection.


(2) Measures for Protecting Trade Secrets

Protecting the company’s trade secrets is not just about protecting specific intellectual assets. It is more about protecting the company’s technological leadership and manufacturing excellence, the trust of our customers and other competitive advantages. For the comprehensive and effective management of trade secrets, we have established a rigorous and complete confidentiality classification system that covers everything from classification definitions and processing principles to user qualifications for both written documents and electronic files. We implemented a system that will flawlessly control, record and integrate advantageous confidential information and trade secrets, including the defining and handling of confidential information, user privileges, labeling, copying, storage, external sharing and disposal. We shall also provide the relevant staff education and training in communication and advocacy and conduct internal audits.




2.Intellectual Property Risks and Countermeasures

Internally, to strengthen employees’ understanding of intellectual property management, continue improving the intellectual property management system, and establish a company culture that focuses on innovation, we will implement the following strategies:

  • Strengthen employees’ patent and intellectual property education and training
  • Formulate patent and R&D cycle management specifications
  • Add incentive measures to motivate employees to innovate and apply for patents


Externally, we understand that there may be concerns that the various documents and information provided by customers might leak. The company will implement the following countermeasures:

  • Formulate confidential information management measures
  • Develop corresponding information control software
  • Provide compulsory employee confidentiality education and training in order to ensure that everyone understands the importance of customer relationships and sustainable operations and protect the safe and effective delivery of customers’ confidential information




3.Status of Implementation

The company has included its intellectual property-related concerns in the report submitted to the seventh session of the seventh Board of Directors (8/6/2021). The company has been actively promoting intellectual property management programs since 2021. Our main areas of focus have been to:

  • Improve the company’s “Intellectual Property Management Plan” in 2021
  • Complete the intellectual property management system in 2021


List of Intellectual Property Achievements Attained Thus Far:

As of the end of July, 2021, MA-tek has filed 49 patents worldwide, 31 of which have already been granted. The patents we have obtained include 5 Chinese patents, 10 Taiwan patents, and a total of 16 patents in Europe, America, and Japan. In terms of patent quality, the company’s patent certification rate is 94%.




4.Next Year’s Management Goals

  • Pass the 2021 Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System Certification
  • Have 2 of our Patent Specialists pass advanced, on-the-job training
  • Increase the number of patent applications by 4
  • Hold 2 intellectual wealth courses with a total of 60 participants