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MA-tek is the worldwide leading analytical lab in Materials Analysis
Founded in 2002, Materials Analysis Technology Inc. (MA-tek) is a world leading laboratory in materials analysis (MA). Accompanying with the fast growing pace of business development, MA-tek has successfully expanded to provide Failure Analysis (FA) and Reliability Testing (RT) services as well, which is superior integrated service for customers In various industries. Up to now, MA-tek has set up 5 laboratories and 1 sales office worldwide, providing around-the-clock services in logistic support and technical services.

MA-tek is an independent lab qualified by international accreditation organization of ISO9001 and IECQ17025. It has been published to IPO in Aug, 2009. Daily operation has employed management skills of process control and quality assurance in mass production business model. Knowledgeable consulting and highly efficient analysis ensure excellent response time and data delivery in 24 hrs. Monthly output has exceeded 4,000 cases for various inquiries. Steady business expansion will surely maintain a constant ramping-up in customer base to be more than 700 companies.
MA-tek focus on capital investment of analytical systems in solid state electronics and novel materials applications. Equipment capacity and performance characteristics have brought our labs to the top tier of this professional field. The ultimate goal of our labs is aimed to be a most advanced research center, dedicating on the role play as intimate RD partners.

The company sustainable management and long term business development are based on the following concepts:

(1) To be the knowledge intensive and capital intensive RD Center for high tech industry
MA-tek invest on the most advanced analytical tools including field emission transmission electron microscopes (FE-TEM) equipped with various analytical functions /EDX/EELS/HAADF), Focused Ion Beam (FIB) for circuit editing and cross-sectioning, magnetic sector SIMS, quadrupole SIMS, X-ray photoelectron spectroscope (XPS) for organic and inorganic composition analysis, and field emission scanning electron microscopes (FE-SEM), etc. It makes MA-tek the world leading analytical laboratory in materials analysis field, covering applications in all kinds of novel materials research.
(2) To provide the mandatory quality and reliability assurance labs in every industrial park
As an indispensable working partner, MA-tek provides QRA related technical services in many industrial park to match with most of customers’ needs in the supply chain of electronic industry. It covers IC circuit editing, ESD testing, IC packaging, reliability burn-in, and IC testing. In order to be located close to customers and to guarantee 1 day turn-around-time (TAT), MA-tek has set up 5 labs and 1 sales office worldwide to provide timely service to our customers. Ultimate vision is to set up MA-tek analytical labs in every high-tech industrial park like fast food service in your daily life, McDonald and Starbucks, standardized, friendly, and easily make access.
(3) To work as a medical center for newly designed products/process and low yield products
Employing medical services to human diseases, MA-tek possess similar functional systems such as scanning acoustic tomography (SAT), X-Ray topography, electron microscopes, and hot emission microscopes for fault isolation. We are able to support yield enhancement in product engineering and wafer processing with powerful EFA and PFA tools. With the aids of the same logical diagnostic, analysis, consultancy, and FIB circuit editing, MA-tek has been well recognized as analysis research center for new design products, in-process wafers, and field return products.

  • May 2002 Company, founded in Tai-Yuan Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Jubei City, Hsinchu, Taiwan, (JB Lab) provides analytical services covering Materials Analysis (MA) and Physical Failure Analysis (PFA) in early stage.
  • Jan 2004  Expanding more business in Electrical Failure Analysis (EFA) and ESD testing  
  • Jun 2004  Certified by ISO 9001 and IECQ 17025 in MA and FA fields
  • Jun 2006  Set up HC Lab. in Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan, providing EFA , PFA and ESD testing services.
  • Sep 2006  Elected as Taiwan Top 50 (#32) Fast Growing Company by Deloitte
  • Dec 2006  Elected as Asia Top 500 (#157) Fast Growing Company by Deloitte
  • Oct  2007  Set up Shanghai Lab (SH LAb) in Zhangjian Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, China and provides EFA, PFA and ESD testing services
  • Dec 2007  Set up sales office in Osaka, Japan to promote Japan analytical market
  • Jan 2008  Stocks listed in Emerging Stock Market, Taiwan
  • Jan 2008  Set up SoC Lab in the SoC Center, Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan to centralize materials analysis services(TEM,SIMS, XPS,DB-FIB)
  • Oct 2008  To gain Industrial Excellence Award, the best performance recognition, by Industry Development Bureau (IDB), Economy Ministry, Taiwan
  • Oct 2008  Set up JS Lab in Hsinchu, Taiwan to provide comprehensive Reliability testing sevices
  • Jul 2009   Strategic alliance with Kobelco Research Institute as an exclusive agency of MA-tek in Japan material analysis
  • Aug 2009  Listed on Taiwan OTC market (3587)
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